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Calculation of investment indicators

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What are your benefits for using Rentier?


Saving your time
You can perform an analysis in 15 minutes


You won’t make an expensive mistake

No excel

You’ll take into account the smallest costs

No excel

Saving money
You will choose the best investment

Once, due to a mistake in the formula, I almost signed a notarial deed of purchase of a flat that was not profitable to me at all. I don’t have this problem now. I throw in a bunch of flats, a dozen or so, sometimes even more, which I check against the same assumptions and see at once for how much each of them I will rent and what rate of return I will have on the invested cash. I don’t waste time and immediately arrange to view the flat that benefits me the most.



In my opinion, it is cool that Rentier is so easy to use. This is a tool that saves me time. For example, after finding a property I first enter the data, and if there is a potential for a flat, then I make an appointment for viewing it. Sometimes I also check the profitability while viewing a flat, when I ask for all the information if it was not provided in the advertisement. I can see right away whether it is worth negotiating with the seller or whether it is better to have a look at other potential investments.



Many rental investors specialise in one area and recommend the same method to others. They recommend limiting activities to one city or even to one district and investing using their knowledge and experience. Rentier spares you this need of limiting yourself. The platform calculates quickly and efficiently for how much I can rent a flat in a district where I have not invested before.



Start using Rentier in 3 easy steps

Step 1

1 How to sign up

It literally takes just a moment to create an account. An e-mail address and a password are all that you need. You can further speed up the process by signing in to your Google Account or Facebook account.

Step 2

2 How to add a property

Do you have an offer for sale that you want to analyse? Simply enter offer data into the form and voila. If the offer is on one of the popular ad portals, there’s no need to fill in the form manually - paste in the link to the ad and Rentier will fill in the form for you. Doing so saves you even more time!

Step 3

3 Calculating financial indicators

Based on your assumptions about your own contribution, the time perspective of the investment and other criteria, Rentier will calculate for you what rate of return you can get on the selected property. Many other indicators are available.

Features provided by Rentier do not stop here


Calculation of cash flows within the perspective of up to 100 years

The investor determines by themselves the time perspective they are interested in. On this basis, Rentier calculates the annual cash flow and calculates investment ratios.


Calculation of net result for various taxation options

Gross result is the basic information calculated by Rentier for each analysed investment. Net result may differ significantly from the tax settlement version selected by the investor. Rentier allows you to compare variants such as lump sum, settlement on general rules or under business activity, so that the investor can easily choose the most profitable variant of settlement of their investment, thus generating real savings.


Check the platform demo version without registering

Frequently asked questions

  • How does Rentier calculate the expected rental revenues?

    On the basis of the database of over a million adverts and data about the real estate investor in question, Rentier performs a statistical analysis and selects the most probable amount for which a similar real estate can be rented in a similar location.

  • Can I do the same calculations manually?

    In many cases, if the data is available at the time of analysis, it is possible to perform the simulation on one’s own. However, this will take many hours that can be used in a much more enjoyable way. Furthermore, Rentier uses historical data, which is often no longer available.

  • How much time can I save by using Rentier?

    Our very careful simulations show that a reliable investment analysis carried out without Rentier takes on average 3 hours per property. With Rentier, it takes 3 minutes to perform such an analysis. When analysing 5 properties, it is easy to calculate that the user saves over 14.5 hours.

  • What information will I get from the financial analysis?

    You will learn what the actual cash contribution to a given investment will be, you will see how revenues and costs will develop in individual years, what the amount of the credit instalment and average monthly costs will be, you will calculate the rate of return, the payback return, and many other ratios.

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