How does Rentier calculate the expected rental revenues?

Rentier performs a statistical analysis and selects the most probable amount for which a similar real estate can be let in a similar location on the basis of the database of over a million property ads and data about the property an investor considers. Offer prices are adjusted to transactional prices based on real transactional data from rental management companies.

How is automated valuation performed?

Based on information about the location of the property and its parameters, Rentier selects a sample of representative offers, i.e. those that are the closest to the analyzed property and as a result of statistical analysis presents the result of the valuation. The valuation is calculated based on the offer prices from the area, adjusted to transaction prices based on data from the National Bank of Poland.

Can I do the same calculations on my own?

In many cases, if the data is available at the time of analysis, it is possible to perform the simulation on one’s own. However, this will take many hours that can be used in a much more enjoyable way. Furthermore, Rentier uses historical data, which is often no longer available.

How much time can I save by using Rentier?

Our very careful simulations show that a reliable investment analysis carried out without Rentier takes on average 3 hours per property. With Rentier, it takes 3 minutes to perform such an analysis. When analysing 5 properties, it is easy to calculate that the user saves over 14.5 hours.

What information will I get from the financial analysis?

You will learn what the actual cash contribution to a given investment will be, you will see how revenues and costs will develop in individual each years, what the amount of the credit instalment and average monthly costs will be, you will calculate the rate of return, the payback period, and many other ratios.

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