MULTIBED is a company dealing with complex housing management and consulting.

Some landlords already know that a good tenancy agreement is not just a document downloaded from one of the Google search results. On the other hand, most owners are still surprised why renting is so difficult for them.

Among these problems, which affect apartment owners, there are some repetitive patterns – the same stories are regularly repeated. We have already heard many of them. Some of them are charmingly funny, but most of them resemble dramatic horror stories. Renting an apartment is proving to be a challenge.

The company’s goal is to actively engage in solving these problems and turn terrible experiences into a smooth one.

More info: is next generation legal service. It is a intuitive tool for quick and successful finding a proper lawyer, who is a specialist in wanted field of law. enables to compere offers from different lawyers, which helps the client to choose the best one.

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Alex T. Great

Alex T. Great is a nationwide network of financial experts specializing in mortgage, cash and corporate loans. They guarantee professional service in the field of finance and real estate. They are a team of trusted and effective specialists in the field of mortgage banking, insurance and investment market. They support clients in making the most important financial decisions, offering professional and comprehensive assistance.

Advisors have extensive knowledge of the mortgages, insurance and financial market, supported by numerous quality certificates and licenses of banks and insurance companies.

More info: is a marketplace that allows homeowners from Warsaw to find trusted professionals (Duers) within a few clicks. One can briefly describe his/her need in a chat form and then either be automatically matched with one of Duers or wait for offers, compare pros’ profiles & choose the one that fits him/her best.

Duers can review the current demand for their help and choose which tasks they are willing to take. All Duers are carefully selected and trained, we do not keep pros with low ratings.

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Stowarzyszenie Mieszkanicznik

Mieszkanicznik Assosiation is a nationwide non-profit organization whose mission is civilizing of the Polish rental market. The association is based on volunteering and financial contributions of its members - the owners themselves, as well as companies that want to see better self-organization of this large market segment. Members of the Association want the relations between the landlords and tenants to be based on clear rules. Tenants, when signing lease agreements, should feel safe and aware that they are dealing with professionals providing high-quality services. The Association brings together people working in the rental industry, organizes local meetings every month, conducts congresses, becoming a platform for exchange of knowledge and experience.

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Prodoma is a safe rental and real estate management company. We specialize in managing apartments and business locations.

The aim is to make flats rented safety all the year around and investors in all hiring and management process check only transfers for rent. Our offer is tailored for people who own apartments or business locations in Warsaw. In particular we dedicate our service busy person, outside of Warsaw and begging investors.

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